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which gives the idea of relative position ; which furnishes the accom-
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capsular or capsulo-lenticular cataract with adhesion of the pupil, caused,
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ATAXIC FE\ER (a, pvw., rafci?, onlcr). Irrpgular fever, in
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Ben W. Bird, Jr., M.D., Resident in Laryngology and Otology, Presbyterian Hospital
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inflorescence in wliicli numerous flowers are seated on a depressed axis,
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Occasional sligldly purulent urine — Oxaluria — Shadous in-
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MAlisH-GAS. Liuht carhureitcd hydropen. A hydrocarbon pro-
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topped in the past. In the worst week of the epidemic still with
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also of medicines which act on the alimentary canal, as stomachics,
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The attention of employing authorities is also drawn to the
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t e discharge of an mcreased quantity of mucus with the urine with
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loin us as we explore the possibilities for the future of clinical psychiatry
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temperature throughout the year, throughout the day and night; in-
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supported in such an unmistakable fashion by clinical observa-
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complete mental alertness (e g., operating machinery,
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nurse who is recording her/his acts or observations
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HEMP. A powerful stimulating narcotic, much employed in some
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305. Chemistry of Colloidal State. — Theoretical consideration and practical applica-
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may be regarded as the radical of a series of compounds.
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In the author’s opinion, it would be far better to
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of Continuing Medical Education. AMA Category I, AAFP
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Income guaranteed by hospital. No ER call required. Abundant
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more than 400 medical offices in 30 states, and they are reporting results
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viz., the relation of fatigue to gas-gangrene ; the relation of

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