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necessary, the full co-operation of the patient in carrying out
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20. Tapper ML, Rotterdam HZ, Lerner CW, et al: Adrenal necrosis in the
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subject for a while presented difficulties which the lapse of time
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mendation to physicians, who must be prepared for the many
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and films from single typical colonies showed the same
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1. Falx cerebri, or falx major. The siclde-\Vt process or lamina ot
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puncturing). A term employed in Germany to denote the operation of
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the patient develops complications, usually obstruction of
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doctors, doing their parish and panel work while they were on
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deposition in the coats of arteries, and in tbe fibrous tumois, of gritty,
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FENU-GREC. The Trigonella fainum Gracum, a Leguminous
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MATRIX OF TEETH. The formative organ of a mammalian
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profession be organised, and how should it be done ? It was
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apoplexy; or purulent, occurring in tlie third stage of pneumonia; or
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It shall report to the Board at every regular meeting and annually
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mind of the condition M'ith some offence for which before a
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Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton. 1918. (
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MARS (Martis). The god of war. The mythological and alche-
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PcKchioni, their discoverer. These bodies have no analogy whatsoever
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coronary vasodilator as diltiazem Therapeutic blood levels of
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of the first two years in the Medical course of this School including Pathology 301
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BA'LSAMUM (^i\aa,xov, the balsam-tree). A technical term
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have services in the Hospital so that a large number of beds are available for clerkships
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MENINGOCOCCEMIA, Chronic (Claflin & Sullivan): 12-25
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multimillion dollar awards that largely accounts for
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the two valves, both being triangular, and the space between them,
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or aroma. Why not go to tlie Greeks at once.' Tiicir -r^iiyy^ is dry-
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House of Delegates, and the delegates and alternates to the
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Cinchona bark. I he principal methods are the precipitation method
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California courts have specifically held that there
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with the exception of 1985, when the meeting will be
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was 9,490. Of these 2,135 were in the London district, 4,238 in
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Omi-hydroqen blow-pipe. An apparatus for producing intense heat,
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leave the Allies in a position to enforce any arrangements that
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