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ception that it occasionally deposited pus and oxalate of lime.

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All individuals with delineated clinical privileges

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mation and abstracting impact by focusing attention

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of a parent. Emancipation occurs when a minor is no longer under parental care and custody. A common

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"^3"S-=fa"(t.oM.i, excision), iridectomia, or the operation by

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CETY'LIC ACID. Ethalic Acid. An acid, isomeric with the

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in this matter. I may, however, point out that the societies

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vious years; $8.00, Annual Blue Book. The JOURNAL re-

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Delegates. These committees shall consider and make recom-

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sulphuretted hydrogen and hydrosulpburet of ammonia.

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SHROPSHIRE given SMS Meritorious Service Award, Doctor:

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14. Geenen JE: Sphincter of Oddi manometry. Clin Gastroenterol (Jan)

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of the future needs of Wisconsin citizens and ignored

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longevity,” and that there are some risks of pro-

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" Creps left upper lobe." When he came into my hands I thought

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the left side of the brain, and are mainly near the middle

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Hernia repair. The content of the sac should be re-

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ELDER. The Sambucus nigra, a Capri foliaceous plant, formerly of

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sity School of Medicine and completed her residency

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A public service message from this magazine and the

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elecampane root. Different kinds of this nostrum are sold under the

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tic surgeon, I am amazed at the degree of satisfac-

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matter of habit, pride, or tradition; it is rather be-

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"Bronzed Skin," though broir.iing of the skin is not exclusively indi-

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Senate, an amendment to Senate Bill 512, calling for

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EPIG A'STRIUM (tV/, upon, ya<TT,]p, the stomach). The superior


ments about Ena, who was now a baby of seven, and now an adult

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\. Ihtpuncta lacrymalia w the external commencements of two

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jority of ambulatory care practices in midwest states

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have had impressed upon him the need for some such work as

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tor canal begins in the pelvis in the upper margin of

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diffusion. • i \ ^ ^c. t brothcrV The seventeenth

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