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a bor&d.e, or fringe ; and, hence, the fWnsc-hU extremity of the
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the third ventricle of the brain and the infundibulum. It is also
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JAPO'NIC ACID. An acid procured when catechin with alkalies
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certain aspects of hospital questions for their serious considera-
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died May 29, 1984 in Madison. Born Jan 13, 1896 in Milwaukee,
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issues that surround each element. First, let us take
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of medical education, i.e., medical school and residency training as
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mutually attract or repel one another, according to determinate laws.
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first is concerned largely with the furnishing of safe
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may be injected and the eyelids pufl'y, and, if the eruption is
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above compound obtained in solution, by transmitting a stream ot
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CLARIFICA'TION (c/a™.?, clear, fio, to become). The process
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patient to discontinue drug prior to becoming preg-
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ties that should make your weekend a luxurious hohday.
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during 1918, there are now 59 beds and two cots endowed.
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follow that of the AM A Style Book and Editorial Manual.
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ELE'CTRO-PUNCTURA'TION (pnngo, to prick). The opera-
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tlie oldest it was considered a great honour to " shove the
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colon was sutured to the stomach, which was small and low down
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as nitrogen balance and ventilatory status. In spite of
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penis, so named from its office. Under the term erector synncB have
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53B. Toxicology — An advanced conference and laboratory course dealing with the
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piSSE'CTION (disseco, to cut in pieces). The display of the
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or narcotics) Necrotizing vasculitis, paresthesias, icterus,
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3. Hypotension. Decreases in blood pressure associated with
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