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the post of company officer, and then was transferred to ward
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DAMALU'RIC ACID (oa^aXos, a calf, ovpou, urine). An acid
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not be useless to make a note of the rules which we imposed on
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Court had accepted with gratitude the munificent benefaction
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the organ of Philopi ogenitiveness, and on each side of Concentrative-
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its possessor a somewhat squinting appearance, and causing the eyes to
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Itch-insect. The Acarus scabiei, a very minute animalcule, found in
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gy and comparative psychology of invertebrates and lower vertebrates. Prerequisite:
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Group B comprises those cases which have ah-eady been
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Miss Gill, R.R.C., Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, College of
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may occur at once, the breathing continuing, and lead to apncea, as in
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special mention because of the sequence of events, and his
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are research opportunities. Please call Gail H Williams,
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Giaecorum, with the deposition of black pigment m the rete mucosum :
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himself that the disease is entirely new and was never described
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trict, except that in any district with 200 or more regular and
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The following four personal observations may be of interest
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the bodies of other animals. These are distinguished, by Cuvier, into
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close. At the very most, this is a trial court opinion
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monitoring service reports its results and complications
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specialty sections shall also be appointed. This committee
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under contract with the Highland Medical Board there were
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of the order UrticacecB, the dried strobiles of which constitute the hops
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include postoperative infection; pulmonary, cardiac,
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to be found in the central nervous system. On this aspect of the
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ME'GRIM. This term is probably a corruption from the Greek
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physicians. Contact John Mueller, Group Health Coop-

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