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a physician’s office, or hospital, the records being

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nificant prior healthcare experience to the training

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vide specialized evaluations for the persons who are men-

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London: Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton. 1918.

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an 'aggregated granule' with a single layer of aggregated granules

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exception of a little local irritation, the injection of antitoxin is

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pyrocitric, named by Bau]) citri/nc. In the prejiaration of this acid,

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AROMA'TIC VINEGAR. An acetic solution of camphor oil of

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Gustave Torkildson, MD, 65, Stone Lake, died Aug 18, 1984

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have also been rare occurrences of leukopenia, gran-

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dwctioti to the Study of Skin Disease, with Special Reference to

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eye-brow, and usually of intermittent character It is distinguished

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cavmes of the heart in .all exhibited ,n ihe early penod of

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plane anterior both to the stomach and the colon. The stomach

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b»vl f fi 1 n- \ gl""no"s substance, prepared from the middle

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little seven-year-olii daughter, Ena, harshly, punishing her with

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reference to the orthopedic affections of adults. M., Th., 2:00-4:00. 48 hours. .4Mj.

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part; Chemical compounds which have the same combining propor-

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Davis, John Emerson, s, Detroit, Mich. A.B. (Oberlin C.) '30.

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funds to organise Lord Roberts workshops in Glasgow, which

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lKlJJt.bLJii\T {i,is a rainbow). The property of shining with

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1. Delirium tremens. A barbarous expression, intended to convey

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Now, at age 82, he is still practicing medicine at the

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II. Statisti,ccd diferences. — The total iiumltt r of cases dealt

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fZsa Another name for kerion, a suppurative inflammation of the

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HAIRS. Horny appendages of the skin, produced by the involution

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buildin'T of the Race." The meetinrj, which was held under the

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" What is the special nature of the damage done to muscle in

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his/her spouse in planning for retirement. It covers all the prac-

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1. Altradion of Gravilalion. The tendency of »icw«es of bodies to

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ALOPE'KIA (akuiTTtKia, a disease, like the mange in foxes, in

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