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side of the patient, when it was seen that the bowel lay on a

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of a body for some time in water, spirit, ether, wine, or vinegar, for the

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5. Iso-dimorphous. Equally dimorphous ; a term applied to a sub-

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Catalogue of Lewis's Medical and Scientific Circulating Library, including a

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Sponsored by School of Medicine, University of Wisconsin;

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the third year, although at least two courses in Pathology are required in the second

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phuric acid on ether. See Althionic Acid, which is formed at the same

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equivalent only if the pharmacist informs the consumer of the change.

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IMPULSE OP THE HEART. The beat of the heart which is

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sult the student counselor. They should also secure from the counselor copies of the

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lenitive electuary, or confection of senna, was heneMum '«^»^"«" ;

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ANTIPSYCHOTIC DRUGS, Followup studies of tardive dys-

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Elective aortic reconstruction was performed on 262

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enrolled in the University. It is adjacent to the Quadrangles. The membership fee is

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INHALER, CHLOROFORM. An apparatus for employing chlo-

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people of 8cotiand was proposed by Mr. II. H. Hunter (Dean

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woody fibre and other constituents of madder. It is a brownish or

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that are derivatives of nitrogen and hydrogen. They may l^e

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has been also named senile gangrene ; this arises from ossification

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her family attendant ; most of the physical signs and .symptoms

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4. Lichenin. A feculoi'd substance found in the Cetraria Islandica

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pressio mensium. Absence, obstruction, or morbid deliciency of the

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Herbert Ezra Chamberlain, A.B., M.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry.

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and about the small of their back, a soreness all over their flesh,

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cM.Tbiventer n,a.ilt^ i»fenoris; it depresses .he lower jaw The erm

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Increased Angina: Occasional patients have developed well documented increased frequency du-

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is divided by Owen into four primary segments — the epenkephalon,

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In the general analysis these double rashes are counted

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ill 1639. 'Soon afterward?, the Jesuits, and particularly Cardinal dc

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susceptibility of the patient to the various preparations. It is

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