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nent society whose actions are in conflict with the letter or

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GA'LBULUS (qalbulus, tlie nut of the Cypress-tree). A kind ot

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Please be assured that we won t introduce new medical management

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depression," and indentation of the skull without fracture.

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legitimate source of amusement, to look upon alcoholic excess

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of this Society. With the treasurer, it shall supervise the in-

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to officers belonging to that force as follows: — (a) An officer of

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shown effectiveness for at least 28 consecutive nights

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11 YPER-OSTO'SIS (uirf>, in excess, oaTtov^a. bone). Enlarge-

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when it is definitely needed for the relief of pain. We shall

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A LIMENT {alimentuin, nourishment). Substances which nourish

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Glasgow Royal Maternity and Women's Hospital was held on

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KAKOCHROI'A (xaKi, XP<"«- a bad colour). A term used by

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as the florets of manv grasses ; a term also synonymous with Li/arious.

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Pi TNAM, Mary. — Influence of cerebral sym))lonis

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will be issued as soon as the arrangements for treatment in

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Lawrence L. McLellan, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.

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ot the Rhamnus infectorius, used for dyeing Maroquin leather

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decree, arguing that the decision regarding choice of

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ployees involved in medical rather than administra-

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may be defined as a base which is very soluble in water

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Administrator, Beaumont Clinic, Ltd, 1821 South Webster Ave,

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persons with intrinsic coagulation defects and on anticoagulant therapy

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Knowlton E. Barber, Hugh J. Polkey, Chester A. Perrodin, Norris J. Heckel,

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dition. Three bedroom magnificent Bay view. Beach. $198,500.

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portunity for Board certified/eligible physician to join Family

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to designate certain effluvia or emanations from marshy ground. Hence

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region, but these were regarded as due in large measure to

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inevitably their past comes into being. When critical

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also called pearly tubercles, follicular elevations, and, by Mr. E.

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do, and never could have done, what he claimed for it, but to

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Allen Titsworth Kenyon, Ph.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine.

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