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matically adapted to develop and preserve the physical powers. By the
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CARDO MINERA'LIS (carlo, a coal). Mineral charcoal con-
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a rewarding form of practice not obtainable in any other way.
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either elementary physical chemistry or physiology. The scope of this examination is
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are vladula, petala, and pcssolata, probably from its flatness
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a case in which the afl'ection is resistant to both salvarsan and
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as a prodigy of V e t e r i n a r i a n inflrudion ,
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the Federation to urge that steps might be taken to prevent as
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Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Academy of Family
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CHIROPRACTORS seek authorization to draw blood: SMS
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Section 1 . The annual dues and assessments of this Society
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Melrose, matron. At the outset the Lord Provost read the
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gluteal nerve and of the anterior tibial muscles from frictions on
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English is called a sJiield' has various names according to its form:
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January, 1836, to 1,972 in January, 1837. Of these deaths, 274
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angle of tlic eye ; and 4, to processes of the frontal bone seated near
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be ura'ijiic in character, he was packed, autl free perspiration
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dilating coronary arteries — both normal and stenotic.
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CONGR'STION {cnvrjero, to amass). 1. Active cotif/estion consists
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wonns, of Cuvier, which live by sucking the Wood of other animals.
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wards until the introduction of an anti-diphtheritic serum of
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transverse colon, this thin membrane presented quite a depressed
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tion, like most if not all medical staffs, is run on a
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1. Falx cerebri, or falx major. The siclde-\Vt process or lamina ot
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70 per cent of all cases. In some it was persistent and severe,
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Lieberman, Abraham Albert, a, w, Chicago. S.B. '32.
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that branch of science which includes the mutual action of conductors
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in leaving the country. He presented 600 fairly recent
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water over the surface of the body, the head, &c. Ihere are different

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