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most intimately adherent to the anterior and superior surfaces

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including " the training of persons engaged in health service."

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which was based on an experience infinitcsimally small compared

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4. C/«ora(Z;-o-«(! (fT(5o«, likeness). Cartilaginiform ; a designation of a

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nervous symptoms and prostration were; broncho-pneumonia

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administration. In such cases of intolerance, grey powder may

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TOXIC SUBSTANCES and infectious agents, Important notice

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Princess Louise Scottish Hospital (at Erskine) held in the City

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he action of ni tric acid on indigo. Aniline is an oily liquid produced

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The rumbling noise occasioned by ilatus in the bowels, frequently

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Paul Alfred Weiss, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology.

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January 1970 “Blue Book” issue of the WISCONSIN MEDICAL JOURNAL, and, therefore will not be reprinted

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tions, and agencies offering continuing medical education. The state medical associations will retain the responsibility for

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Havinof noured the fluid into two glasses, he drank the

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DI-PHENYL. A double prefix, used in organic chemistry to de-

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between physicians and clergy to permit discussion of common

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vowel, the a becomes an, to prevent the hiatus, as in a?!-encephalia,

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the scope of modern ophthalmology, and to stress especially its relationships to other

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303. Pediatric Externship. — Students are assigned to hospital service and out-pa-

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of the re Una This term might fairly replace the harbarous retinitis.

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emotional — rather than intellectual — disorders there were the

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State Medical Society — Frank X Schuler, MD ; Alfred F

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ASCLE'PIAS GIGANTE'A. Jtumex Gi>)anlea. Mudar;aplant

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extemporaneous preparations, composed of dry powders, formed°into a

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tages in using the laser, its use will continue to grow.

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orized by the patient” also means an adult member

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eel ular tissue of organs. It may be serous, and is then te med adema

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from the expression of humility which the action of this muscle

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has given him qualifications for his office and peculiar advan-

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