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quarter of it to another, diseases have changed their

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tube labours under excessive secretion, the function of

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forty-six infants thus prematurely brought into the

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part of practitioners who have no surgical qualifica-

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her admission into the hospital an eruption appeai-ed

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E.\penses very small. Receipts between i'500 and iCOO. Further

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jNIust she die undelivered with a mangled infant still

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and irregular contraction, which separates the pla-

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claims to a seat in the Council will be recognised.

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Sai"ah H., from whose mother I received the follow-

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plete epitome of its author's mind and character; it

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state of the pustules, and their progress towards maturation, the

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though gifted with the genius of a Serjeant MiUer as

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mundi eremo, etiam calceos istos et tegmina (corporis

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surgeons will no less find material in support of their

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the external incision in order to reach it with safety,

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the early stage of bronchitis ; a flushed face, hacking

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■a, Pyriformis muscle ; 6, Gemellus superior ; c. Gemellus infe-

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finding that he saw nothing. He cleaned the glass, but in vain,

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with warm water, we left her, she feeling greatly re-

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he sees this letter, that his own experience of the

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to support the position of a gentleman, or the dignity

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nosis of the disease, when situated in other portions of the

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urge those who may be scejitical as to the facility of

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There is another trick practised in this locality — we

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sponding to the impulse, becomes a valuable indication,

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ceeded at 12 o'clock noon to despatch the executive

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being in court, to save the expense of a jJi'ofessional

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