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MACERA'TION {inacero, to make soft by steeping). The steeping
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302. Chemistry of Proteins and Digestion. — An advanced course including detailed
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Hope International Family Services, Inc, 421 S Main
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being in the position of having to look round for something to
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hands in), perindc ut quibus pedes ;)e«Mt-i<B."—i^«s"'*- .
plant of the Cichoraceous division of the Composita; ""'genous
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Group =Group of physicians who contract with HMO to provide medical services to its members on salaried or capitation basis. Not all patients
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the last college year the library had a daily average attendance of 201 students.
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Form 5: Letter to patient who fails to follow advice.
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tion Drug Product list, or are not indicated as being therapeutically equivalent and are therefore no longer
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22. Venu RP, Geenen JE, Toouli, et al: Gallstone dissolution using mono-
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lation was a response to the growing federal budget
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E'SCULIN. Poll/chrome. An alkaloid obtained from the bark of
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culus, but rather of some septic infection. I advised an explo-
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Additional information available to the profession on request.
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cupellation and other processes which require the access of air.
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urges free laboratory diagnosis in advisory clinics among other
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that the advertised product or service meets the ethical principles
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practice of its use. If he fails to find the spirochasta pallida on
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and a metal, may be considered as combined in the form of sul-
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MUMMIFICATION. A characteristic term, applied to the forma-
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issue with legislators, Congressmen, hospital admin-
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TIONS): Hematologic: Neutropenia, agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia, hemolytic anemia (some-
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Education courses at the following rates: 50$ per word, with a minimum charge of $20.00 per listing. BOXED
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addition of telluric acid inhibits the inosite-fermenting group of
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Edith Barnard, is awarded upon the nomination of the Department of Chemistry.
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leaves of plants ; also called diachyma and diploe.
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BA'TTERY, GALVANIC. A combination of several nairs ot
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tenant-Colonel) J. M'Millan, M.B.Glasg. (1908), R.A.M.C.
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proposed . . . Project USA gets contract renewal . . .
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charcoal from vvhich the earthy salts liave been almost wholly
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2. Hemi-liedra). (topa, a seat). A teim applied to those crystals in
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suffered himself he never neglected others, and the extreme
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"'^I'.Fluo'lanlalic Acid. An acid prepared by treating the metal tan-
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insomnia, mental depression not being a characteristic feature
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Radiology Postgraduate Education, 5323 Harry Hines Blvd,
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acetone. MedUjIene is a light oily liquid, produced by distilling pyro-

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