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as a function of their appearing “less important”

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larly the estrogen / progesterone ratio. In 1931 Frank

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Paul Roberts Cannon, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Pathology.

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Joint pains. — Pains specially referred to, or localised in,

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MEL ^GYPTrACUM. The Linimentum. cBrugi?iis of the old

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colourless, and of extreme tenuity," which he finds beneath the epi-

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of the feet, including bilateral transmetatarsal ampu-

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Catalogue of Lewis's Medical and Scientific Circulating Library, including a

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tional, educational, hospital, and civic advantages. Send cur-

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stances. Smiar-cw.dy, or candied sugar, is merely sugar rendered very

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Disorders. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Sponsored by School of

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cardiographic, electromyographic, and nerve conduc-

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across as relatively unimportant, in contrast to the

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restored to the external system to flush any excess

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ventricular dysfunction or cardiac conduction abnormalities In healthy

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genology. Equivalent to the work required of an assistant resident. C.-3 Cs. each quar-

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Many of our readers will learn with deep regret of the death of

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APOSTA'XIS (dTrdo-Tugis, a trickling down). The dropping of

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fee, it is asserted, many people would be unable to

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4. In acknowledging the request a copy of these pro-

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the name black jaundice). Ha;morrhage from the bowels : a discharge

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Nuniiitroyeniscd foods. Substances which contain no nitrogen, and

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over them his head was warped and a scanty stubble sprouted

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mechanism by which the bones of the skeleton are connected with

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Building was erected at the corner of Wood and Harrison streets, and in 1893 a Labora-

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7. Gastr-algia (aXyoi, pain). Pain of the stomach. The tei-m is

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