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This tabular statement of the diseases treated in the

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upon medical matters, is that of "counter-irritation" —

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artery in the cellular tissue near the abdominal ring. We

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tion from the blood-vessels. The theory of Thiersch and Wal-

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tinguished by the slowness of their development, and the grad-

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positions of those he attends, is more likely to be successful in his

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plausibility in the objection: the functional activity of

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sense of hunger is not resident as is.known in the stomach;

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eration of the length and character of the services

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ommendation that a standing body is appropriate to consider the

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rata, was well exemplified in the striking improve-

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While many believe that our ethical debates have become too politicized as the

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contrast with which Is fibrosis of the liver, cirrho-

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port, "Summing Up," the President's Commission noted that it

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arterial tension amongst the very aged, is it not one of

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face to face with this frightful affection, the terror of ail

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on the pleura, and in the pleura itseK, manifesting themselves

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when you get close to an interesting scientific discov-

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tors to have their old subscription list. The editors

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less to the action of malaria, there is always an additional

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two months after the battle of Manassas ; and the dis-

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to which he lends the weight of his word. Again, he

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cornu being much enlarged, occupying most of the pos-

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now; they have been in his desk for months: they have

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fracture. Martin holds the opinion, that in the case of

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reduction by taxis, or the major one of surgically liberating the

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dividual choice of the people involved. Education Is

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did not, until the tenth day, discover the fact of a recurring

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and become inscribed as "student of medicine," he must

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lithsemics, so called. That it is the best diet for all lithgemics,

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the Committee when requested to do so in ■writing by five members thereof,

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ous,; channels through which influence can travel from

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the tumor being large will be soft or spongy, or even

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noted in hare-lip, a proper appreciation of the ordi-

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Boston Medical and Surgical Journal was commenced as a

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established, has, from some cause, been incomplete.

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My Dear Sir : — It affords me pleasure to inform you

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and left in the cavity to be absorbed, and the balance of

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was first attended with success in the hands of Dr.

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