Innopran Xl

tetanus, and in certain colicky affections, and not without favourable

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The voice is always weaker after meals, on account of the full

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the air of which serves as a protection against these miasms, will yet

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casionally used in medicine. By subjecting the ardent spirits to another

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the fauces, nauseating impressions very similar to those produced by

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the antibody, but I wondered if you had given it any consider-

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was first used. It has been particularly recommended in chronic luni- I

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cnrials in syphilis, is made solely on the authority of Mr. Behrend.

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above the level of reality. The ballueinations, the wildness, the dell

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it Bosl nol^ kowerer, be forirotten that, in their operBtioii upoo the rati'

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observations extended over a sufficient period of time, he

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tion ; not to Transpiration. A large quantity of fluid, prin-

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aeeCions, one including the vegetable, and the other those of mineral

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bitter principles and volatile oils, but having little to recommend then I

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