The round and the spindle celled sarcomata in connection with the jaw are intensely malignant; their liability to inderal recurrence is.very great unless the tissues are deeply removed. The first thing to be given is an emetic, of manufacturer tartar emetic or ipecac; this should be followed by a purgative, as Epsom salts, or citrate of magnesia. When used for stimulating and invigorating the nerves or the effects brain, or for reducing pain, it should be cool or cold, and the sheet be re-wet, and re-applied several times in quick For feverish pulse, and heat in chronic diseases, it may be used This is more stimulating than the preceding, and excites greater nervous action. In the corral, we tried to get her to take the living calf, but she refused. With fluid collection, the cystic mass becomes palpable. Had a cutting operation for the price recovery of this delicate foreign body been performed, the chances are, I venture to say, against the probability of its having been found, not to speak of the many unpleasantnesses attending such an MIWBKB OF RABLBX MKDZOAZi ASSOCIATXOH, N. Inhabitants of 80 cities all manifest a typical type of degeneration, whereas denizens of the country are highly vigorous. Vs - even in our homes it is practicable to secure a temperate yet invigorating air, with all the personal comforts to which we have been habituated, in which we can enjoy the charms of a congenial and social intercourse with friends, and in which the domestic ties are preserved intact to the latest moment of existence. Paresis G spasm of the extremities may persist for several days. To anyone who has engaged in ophthalmic practice I need not spend a minute in speaking of the anxiety great danger of prolapse of the iris. He must eat no pies, pastry, cabbage, nuts, salted meat or mg fish, nor any red fish, like salmon, for that abounds in oil, and, although very stimulating and nutritious, is heavy and does not agree well with a As remedies, glycerite of ozone, kephaline, aromatic sulphuric acid and quinine, and other tonics. In catarrh, colds is in the head, nose bleed, etc., this is beneficial.

And one word more as to the technique of the operation (la). There was fortunately in this case no involvement of there the inguinal glands. Article V., of our By-laws, provides that:"On the morning of the first day of the Annual Meeting, each member present shall receive from the Secretary a blank ballot on which there shall be a space for each office to be voted for. For - we believe sectue the enforcement of the law, and it is now the duty of the profession to aid them. Teaspoonful as needed to keep down the attacks. Is - it not the uses fact, in outbreaks in which a malignant. So with the nose; if it is allowed to go unused, and mouth-breathing is eetablished, a tissue change will in many instances complete closure of them, just as" a disused pathway will become covered over and To XHB MuxoAii PROFBBsunf OF SHB Cm OP Nbw of the Oountfof New York request the eo-opemtion of the profession lor the enforcement of tiie existing To this generic end the Board request physidanii who are fmndulently obtained diplomas, or who practise iwithont any diploma (and this includes prescribing druggists), to forward the name and residence of the offondev, the name and residence of the person treated, and the name and residence of the physician making the complaint, to the secretarr of the Bourd, The name of the person making theoomplaint is.

Nevertheless, I decided to take the risk I and found that she was not only receptive but' indicated that she and her partners had been pursuing the idea already.

Try every means to improve general health; all failing, the muscle Knock-knees y due to a relaxation of the internal lateral ligaments of the knee-joints, allowing femur and tibia to buy become separated, so that an angular obliquity of the bones results. Phelps claims that the Wassermann reaction is not yet a sure evidence of syphilis when present and still less against syphilis when absent.


We often meet with no trouble xl until we get down to the bulbous urethra, and here we begin to come to the deeper urethra. We know that many of these small goitres, especially the adenomatous type, where it is well encapsulated, some of the hypertrophies, and occasionally some of the cystic goitres, never cause any trouble, but we cannot state at any particular stage of that goitre whether it is going to produce hyper-thyroidism within the next year, or two or three, or whether it is not, and until we have some statistics in regard to the subject, it has seemed to me that most of the cases will have to be rejected as standard lives. They were readily controlled by the use of morphia, the first or second hypodermic injection checking them, I believe, migraines entirely. In side some women it ceases in a few days, and in others it continues for several weeks.

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There are no harmless ways in which gestation can be intemtpted or cost conception shunned.

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