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finds that digestion leucocytosis is a very poor criterion to
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delivered in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the University of
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and not the retina, which is actually then receiving more light than before.
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foretell a predisposition not otherwise revealed, it is a
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it; externally it reaches the anterior superior spine of the ileum, and inter-
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its decisions on this question cannot be reviewed by mandamus.
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tologic diagnosis of tuberculous and gummous orchitis.
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that in the majority of instances these patients died of
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but the throat h^l closed so that it could not be applied
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Dr. Clutterbuck has received from such competent authorities, will, it is to
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wounds, and he laid the foundation stone of successful
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can be definitely excluded, and the complete recovery in time
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present, but usually there will be found in connection
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12 ♦Thoughts on the Treatment of Diabetes Mellltus, being Part
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as such; and that if his attack of typhoid fever be
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and consequently does not contain albumen. Tincture of galls produces no
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bladder. If the liver itself be enlarged, we naturally
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8 ♦Oblique Subtrochanteric Osteotomy, for the Lengthening of
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follows the advice here given will not come under the condem-
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another, though the climatic conditions in both are the
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We have been applied to, by the way, more than once, to know if we
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the Evangelical Brotherhood, additional funds were ob-
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denly, about two months before first seen by the essayist. The
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comparative biology, that the phenomena of the disease are
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ture of the membranes, it was ascertained that the navel-string preceded the
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tied with silk, the ends being left long and hanging from the
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wound is simply enlarged. Antisepsis must be most complete,
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tiTe meningitis : death. Reference : Ibid., p. 275.
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youth than during middle age. I cannot confirm the assertion that
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or less gangrenous eschar forms at their summit, which appears to be occa-
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bone, so that the latter is no longer visible. The patient is now, on the
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agonizing throes of labor, earnestly beseeching him to
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of 297 persons who had previously had smallpox, and were marked by the
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ties of sugar. I give here one of the experiments :
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the foramen ovale and has no relation to the cartilages
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curative in every case of glaucoma, the results thus
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ing pains In back and chest; 1 month ago lost sensation In lower
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than a year and a half he has remained quite well. He has grown fat and
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