Putting On Sizegenetics

Througli this opening can be seen from above downwards— (1) Posterior
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found in the bile and in the intesiinal canal. It is to this substance
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ERE.MACAU'SIS (i'joe^uos, slow, koDo-i?, burning). A term applied
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aware that guilt is something that can exist in any
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receive monthly statements indicating the outstand-
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Education Opportunities for Physicians for period September 1984 through February 1985.
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Bert I. Beverly, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics.
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Maclean) was all for wide, sweeping, and drastic changes; but
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according to which no change can take place in the state of the excitable
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term is synonymous with Vttes and Vitacca:; but is perhaps prefenible
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from hVp rr '^"^^^ r^^^l °^ astringent extmct, procured
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the editors. COPY DEADLINE for listings is tenth of the month preceding the month of publication; e.g., copy
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in this Directory only and is not to be used for changing or updating other records. The Society makes no claims as to accuracy, nor accepts lia-
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IS generally termed carhonic acid, which they consider to be not an acid
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upper eyelid ; inability to raise the upper eyelid, from relaxation of the
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for the best in professional liability coverage, contact
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expiration. On superficial consideration one would expect that
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War and Insanity: Mental Diseases among Soldiers. —
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oltactory nerves, which they considered as emunctories, or canals, by
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Leon Bloch, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.
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tree, a Myrtaceous plant growing in the East Indian islands. The
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eftects on cardiac conduction. A patient with Prinzmetal's
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whole textile trade of Scotland was organised in making their
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working, liberal time off benefits. Will join staff of four women,
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another variety, Pyrethrum (Willd.), is a native of Germ.iny. The
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present the aspect of a very minute mushroom, having a small
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ing, in connexion with substances, a resemblance to, a complication with,
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requisite: Pathology 302. 3 Cs. Each quarter, Adams, Andrews, Bucy, Roome,
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eral Medicine, Neurology, Dermatology, Roentgenology, or Biochemistry. This must

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