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Ultimate diagnosis : rJieumatism with calcareous deposits in
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Physical findings of tricuspid insufficiency and right
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and maciilaliepatica, or liver spot, fiom an opinion that it originated in
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acute and chronic dog and rat studies designed to produce toxicity,
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Stevens, Richard John, a, w, sp, Huntington, W.Va. S.B. (West Virginia U.) '33.
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family practitioner. Opportunity for partnership. Near Mil-
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adverse reactions seen in adults Thiazides appear and tri-
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a strictly medical office computer system? Call or write.
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the staff with orthopedic privileges, or his elevation
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hours. Desacetyl diltiazem is also present in the plasma at levels of
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does the accrediting of jails, the State Medical Society provides ongoing consultation which includes tech-
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C.M.Glas<;. in 1875, and M.D. in 1887. Practising for long in
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of treating apncea (asphyxia) from drowning, hanging, &c., introduced
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gluten of indigo, indiqobrnum, And indigo red. j , i
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surroundings they had abundance of material for new observa-
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connect the <arnrw coliim7icB of the heart to the auricular valves-
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a blessing. ..write today! Or, for faster action, call collect
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nearly twenty years later, Glasgow produced a poem on the
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who had been for years, many of them for five years, at science
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antibody assays performed at our clinic to determine
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FO'LLICLE (dim. of follis, a pair of bellows). Literally, a little
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Post- War Pressure in the University. — The report of the
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(2.) Marseilles, which, though less exposed than the preceding place,
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broad scientific foundation, including work in the cognate sciences, and a reading knowl-
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]\Ir. David M'Cowan, in moving apjuova] of lhi> accounts, said
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and serological methods is discussed at length. This is of
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BARYPHO'NIA (I3apv9, heavy, (puwy, voice). Heaviness of
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The Freer Prizes. — These prizes are derived from the income of a fund presented to

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