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results have always deviated in some particulars from Credo's
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questions are scarcely relevant, but are such as I may seek to
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ene and diet, and administered drugs but sparingly ! Truly, in
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That this theory can, at best, have but a limited application, is
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Peritonitis is the great danger in these wounds, and the
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track of the wound, giving rise to more or less bruising and
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splinters, easily felt in the superficial foci (tibia, ulna,
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the tyrosin was found in abundance and beautifully crystallized.
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papers on uterine displacements, read before the Massachusetts
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it, have been advanced even at the present day. The treatment
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ordinarily believed, can hardly fail to communicate itself to the
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field, M.D. New York: William Wood & Co., 1884.
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such an admission, our claim to the possession of a guiding law
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always clean and regular, having dimensions below or
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termined to try local applications of nitric acid, having seen this
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nose warm ; burning and offensive metallic taste in mouth ; copi-
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I am acquainted is to take a small, fine sponge, thoroughly
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has been rapid ; its influence on the brain and on the
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me, that I was obliged to leave the room ; but I soon got calmed
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descendant in the fourth generation of English patents.
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Microscopic Anatomy in the college from which he had
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lyn. Treasurer, Edward S. Coburn, M.D., 91 Fourth Street, Troy.
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general contractions, unequal pupils, nausea, vomiting, are
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fractures by contact with large splinters give the keynote
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of the favorable report of last year's Senate committee, the large
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Buffalo, New York, a generous friend and constant and tireless cham-
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of ['Insiology ill the same iiiatiliilion. For one year he
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cases of infectious disease, such as scarlet fever and diphtheria.
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Perirectal and presacral abscesses should be opened by a
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pain, soreness, or tenderness in lumbar region ; great pain and
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gate to the International Medical Congress, Berlin, 1890, and that
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ducing, and hence of curing under the rule of similars ; but we
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of the mother, nurse, and relatives of the little patient. Expe-
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sorption of the fluid. Dr. Angell advised waiting in this case,
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their ultimate abilities. And now, in the full enjoyi
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Med. News, September, 1902) ; "Intussusception" (article in Refer-
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foundly etherized. Partial etherization but destroys the ability to bear pain without
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little family lias sprung a numerous progeny scattered
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Dr. Crowell's early education was obtained in private
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the congress. That this success has been bought at the price
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a physician, as was also bis grandfather and great-grand-
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that the ceaseless bustle and din of business, which so tries the
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This book forms the October number of "Wood's Library " for

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