Harnal Tablet Adalah

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^iiSi'lSaM^lT^^' rJnfthe^r^^ stigmata of the Crocus

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Wallace, George Thomas, a, w, sp, Spokane, Washington. Gonzaga U.

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to the same cause as mentioned in 3. If this is the case

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term appTied to the eJded matter of inflammation, -^f P-'^™^,

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M Bonjean to a styptic extract, obtained from ergot of lye.

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than four in a room. The union of national interests must


produces many inefficiencies in function that spills

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cation, 55 E Monroe St, Suite 3510, Chicago, IL 60603; ph 312/

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is derived from the river Gaga in Lesser Asia. , ^ . ^ , .

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whether in our office or at the bedside of the hos-

harnal tablet adalah

other Commission records related to the subject phy-

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nation, whilst during October, November, and December last

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CA'LLUS. This term denotes hardened skin, especially of the feet

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there was some flattening on left side of chest, and " In the left

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gen, exactly analogous witli tlie hydrochloric, hydrobromic, and hydri-

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cold, or when the muscles are put upon the stretch. °

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The transplantation of free flaps of fat is the subject of a

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• Retention and inspection of patients’ records — Ex-

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Condition on admission. — He had a linear scalp wound just

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in area and six stories in height (including basement). This building provides facilities

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into account the imsterior cutaneous branches of the musculo-

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3. Aurum foliutiim. Aurum in libellis. Gold-leaf, for gildin" pills

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ANTIPI^RIO'DIU (durt, against, Treiii'oios, a period). A remedy

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tlic l)ack of the liaiul from irritation caused by the contact of sugar.

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