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between the corporation of Rush Medical College and the University of Chicago in

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years, the deficienc}' for 1915, 1916, and 1917 amounted to

The art of curing, founded on differences, by which one morbid state is

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and distilling the P'-^uct ' th- .^^^^^^ carl>or,, a

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A term used in botany, to express the manner in which the parts of a

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tion, and failure in this direction was viewed with disfavour by

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brought forward to show the importance of (he subjtct in deal-

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E'QUITANT (e.quito, to ride). A term descriptive of a form of

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It radiated into the groin and down the interior and

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essential claims on her atiection, self-respect, reticence, ^c, was

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^"^^?^fr'"*'^'''"' f't^Sree of accuracy in dispensing medicine by drops.

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passed by a doctor. Tlie parents will be expected to pay some-

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[CYA'NOGEN] (kuuveos, hlue, yivvaui, to generate; so called

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mg/day has resulted in small increases in PR interval, but has not

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where they passed the ensuing night very restless ; they com-

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is free from tubercle. And the same applies to a negative result

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my medical office. Please send me a colorful IBM PC XT Fact Book.

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Once that process got started, where might it stop?

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than in any previous one, the Medical Departnitnt has had its

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tion of arsenic with silver and antimony in combination) but

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Elalerin or Momordicin. A crystalline substance, constituting the

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gutlur, or the superior part of the gula. (See Fauces.) The icvm faux

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or in part with Therapeutics (course 50, .6Mj. credit) may be applied on the required

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cocaine, morphia, opium, veronal, &c.), and of sexual immorality,

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8. Timonen S, Procope BJ: Premenstrual syndrome and physical exercise.

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depression, slurred speech, confusion, restlessness,

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The gratitude with which the members of the University

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During the preceding; week there were 494 deaths from these

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administration. The average daily number of in-patients had

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