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medicinal, or accidental. The individual predisposition to arsenic-in-

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in the nerves. Finally, the appearance of the patient is of some value.

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ner after it accumulated in the blood in sufficient quantity as a result of

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consists in turning the mirror by twisting its shaft between the lingers until it is inclined at an

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no coarse pulmonary lesions are induced by the recurring hemorrhages.

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acid, 1 per cent, salicylic acid). I have recently observed a case in

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lated, and free from draught, and tlie action of the skin is to be favored

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of four successive instanianeuus cxi."'SurL-s. The- k-ugth of

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neuritis also exist, practically no doubt can remain. When dural or

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portion of phosphates is supplied by the food, and the rest by the body

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limited to the extremities. Sometimes the muscles of the neck, back, and

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septicemia or pyemia was prone to cause acute nephritis. It is but

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ply from the anterior cerebral artery ; therefore in perineuritis, in the

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ary in nature, may occur. The location is of course the most import-

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disease or of nephro-lirhiasis the diftereutiation cannot be made except

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is avoided. The amputation of the uterus, at the level of the internal

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mentation, are among the chief features noted. There is no true icterus

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tions (vide infra). It seldom lasts longer than one and a half years,

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break up and disappear. A single area of degeneration may exist cen-

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broken up. Different portions of the stools are to be selected for

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creatic secretions. The urine may con- black after a hemorrhage. The urine

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abdominal muscles at a particular level may give rise to a girdle-sen-

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tongue, mouth and pharynx, thymus gland, and the solitary and

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these attacks possible. The latter can be discovered only by a careful

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Prognosis. — Bilateral cystic disease of the kidney must eventually

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frequently incontinence of both feces and urine. The temperature is

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ciated with chronic tojisillar enlargement is always more or less grave.

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it has reached its acme no improvement takes place for a few weeks or

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tended from the first cervical to the fifth lumbar vertebra. This case

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ficient has been said to enable our readers to gain a fair insight into the

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teeth. No amount of filling and restoring of defective teeth will

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the course of the disease the intellect is slightly involved. Memory

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than in simple mitral disease. Later on, general venous congestion of a

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able periods, should cause suspicion, since there must be some glome-

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food by the bed to take in the night if, as so often happens, they wake

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lesions, there being some degree of synovial injection and also some,

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loss of flesh and strength with the presence of a fluctuating tumor may

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of the stomach caused an almost immediate expulsion of the gastric

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accord with the old homoeopathic principle, taking sufficient time to study

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(1910) by William George Sym, M.D., F.R.C.S., Ed., and E. M.

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