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regarded as one of the leading surgeons in America. He was a mem-

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of surgery in the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the City of

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tion. If the case did not come under the care of a prudent

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successful at all at that time. The report that he and his associate

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daughter of Josiah C. and Anna Wilson Hunt. They have two

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been suggested to him by the secretary at a meeting of one

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Moray, in loio, was pursued by a ravenous wolf, which

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year of practice. He possessed the executive ability to

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he was graduated. He spent two years in Europe, principally in

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years. I selected the, ear, nose, and throat as the special field

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deen, and afterward physician to the king, which position

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hollowed out. Often the phalangeal joints also are distorted, so that, for

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2. The verdict should be given on a pretty near date to

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it a privilege if he can ennoble h ia profession and be of ser-

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resided at No. 147 Lexington Avenue, New York City, for many years,

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termed the sympathetic nerve-system, and that that conscious

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Zweifel, to invalidate Schirmer's observation, made six similar

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soil that some of the most conspicuous professional ability

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Perforations with adherent splinters 4 to 6 centimetres

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taneous eruptions. In a whole series of cases we observed erythema nodosum.

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delphia, the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery, Fhiladel-

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hereditary syphilis of the bones, and Barlow's disease may also give rise to

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and the patient is left with an irritable bladder, and must void

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of weeks ; so that, when he wanted to pass water, it caused spasms,

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is the subject of this review. How to discover and develop a

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time until her marriage, at twenty, she was employed at general

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and told me to put xay ear there. He had discovered a

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The address J on medicinal and non-medicinal therapeutics,

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A concomitant rectal lesion is a very serious complication.

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private teachers. At seventeen Marie Mergler was grad-

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the possessor of a profound sense of chagrin. Dr. Minton

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where he began practice as an eye and ear specialist. During the

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Grace M. Bronson, daughter of Charles R. and Georgia Bronson.

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