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Metacarpophalangeal Joints. — ^These may show marked bony outgrowths,
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head tends more and more to lean forward, and the chin may come to rest
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the joint. Certain points may be noted. One b that suppuration never
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devised. One of the simplest is that of Kride; icia. which is a modifica
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I i <'0^, or O. in oaeh expiration is |ilotto(l on cross section ])aiier on the
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would mean that the diagnosis comd not be made until the disease had fully
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always more serious than in those who can be well nourished.
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;,s is also the colon. The reason foi' the irreat si/e in hei'hivora is that
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draws the piston of the syriiiMc with it, and fills the hurette with air
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li^droL'en-ion concentration of the mixtures is uniform, it is found that
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sion), the failure must be in a great measure attri-
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There is one pamf ul state of the arm and hand to which I may refer, as it
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If, hou.'ver. the seat of impulse lormatiiui is rem.ive.l from the .S A
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tion has heen found to o.-eiir in the amino-aeid content of the tissues
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,l,l„lo,„. If, tli..|, w.. .livi.le A l.y A ■ ".' .ihtaiii a valll.. i.^all...! ..^
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• reted by the kidiu-y. Whichever condition is the true one, the fact
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uhieh presses au'ainst the ruhlicr tuliiiii:. the pressure licinjr controlled I
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that there was a disease distinct from both rheumatism and gout began to
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I(.\ till' IIM' n|' thtsi' iiini'i' MiTilfiitc Mii'ilMll'i'MirliN iil' ImhIv siii fai'i', i|
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in every case, to seek out the cause, and, if possible, remove it.
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well-known species, while the imdoubted tendency to-day is not to differ-
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Diagnosis. — As a rule, no difficulty will be experienced in typical cases.
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passage boat, previously to his illness j which ap-
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Symptoms. — The acromegalic patient is usually able to give a history
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mental development for their patients. It b interesting that the majority
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;•' "-'"I ">' Hu. ..ells. The secretin thus,.,! is then taken up I,v th..
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further continuance of the diaphoretic measure can be promptly stopped if
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!li.' vMfrus center (see Kansoni. The asons of the medullary cells de-
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nervous symptoms, affecting the heart (palpitation and tachycardia), the

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