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passage through hot water or alcohol. By means of this

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words Kr,p, contracted from Kiap, and KapSia, both signifying the

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The detailed chapters on wounds of the thorax, brain, and

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Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism. Diltiazem is absorbed

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suggested that the Council should first consider in camera the

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OCTOBER 19-21, 1984: Wisconsin Neurological Society,

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A'QUA BINETjliT. Aqua Monlerossi. An Italian quack medi-

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karkifioid the former of these terms is in common use.

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E'NSIFORM {ensis, a sword, /orma, likeness). Xiphoid. A Latin


from the College at a cost of $3.50 a quarter. Each student is required to secure, for

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merce to the root of the Cissampelos pareira, more commonly called

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GLO'MERULUS (dim. o( olomus. a ball, as of cotton), ilie name

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2. Cerin. One of the '^""f. ''"^'^ Tecentlv it has been

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4. Bi-conpreuate (congregatus, collected together). Bigeminate, or

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crease from 5% to close to 50% marks a definite and

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G. Within 15 days after the date of mailing of the deci-

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State Medical Society — Barney B Becker, MD; Paul H

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MEA'TUS (meo, to pass, to flow). Literally, a going or passino-,

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in western Wisconsin. Contact R M Hammer, MD, River Falls,

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• PPOs must offer a 90-day enrollment period extension to people who are currently in a course of treatment

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Contact: Dr Elliott Garb, 240 Schofield Hall, University of

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recitation and conference, one a week; laboratory, 4 hours a week. Prerequisite: An-

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that made or approved by the physician in charge, or

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five admission objectives and six quality objectives,

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nancy Category C Should be given to pregnant women only if

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Leucophlegniatic, or white phlegm-liabit ; a term formerly applied to a

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