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In-house data processing is available from many sources.

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practice is located. Such election shall be subject to the

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Such extracts as we have made above will give an idea of the

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would not feel safe or content in giving only one dose of " (iOG "

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which threaten the unwary. Let it not be imagined that all

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FIGURE 2— Small bowel submucosa with pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis

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physician. Retiring July 1, 1985. Gross over $200,000. Will intro-

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tion of reducing the amount of blood by blood-letting, of the alvine

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His vision is R.E. = y'w L.E. = tV. and the refraction of his

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white cobalt. Nickel is also obtained from a commercial article termed

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true skin, intermixed with fibro-plastic matter, and named from its

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to be noticed in course of time by the more observant that the


called eMnresccnt. See Conftitiiliunal Water. . . , .

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patients who sign the directives will not really have

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danger patients or create liability on the part of the

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5. Blei ED, Abrahams C: Diffuse phlegmonous gastroenterocolitis in a

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antiseptics in the sterilization of a wound, it is possible to break

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of atoms of acid which are combined with cue of the base in a com-

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• Form costs one third less than its national competitor.

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of oxygen to one of some other body. This term is often used to

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would appear to have brought this about, as resort to the use of

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Jubilee nurses, and it was the intention of the Highland Medical

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deiign to corred:, by reducing to dijl'indl heads ^

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racteristic properties of pure metals; those of mercury with other

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as, in its view, should the Bill become law, the eftect would be

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Barbara Wilczynski, Medical Emergency Service Associates

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which name Sauvaees first described the epidemic catarrhal fever of

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tion was paid to fluid and electrolyte balance as well

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with mustard, to the upper chest or throat gives great relief in

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I trust that you will understand that my purpose in

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away and not notify the patient. This would be aban-

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formation until the last few days of August. As a result, WiPRO has sent a letter dated August 24 to all phy-

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1. White indigo, otherwise called reduced indigo, is produced bv the

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Mr. Fisher said it would be very difficult and inconvenient

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can be secured from the Wisconsin Division of the American

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available when required. For the present the ante-natal ward

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C. The evaluators shall make as thorough an investiga-

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