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quarantine against plague is still legally in force, and may be put in

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with so many difficulties that we must for the present be content with

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it is evident to the naked eye of a careful examiner that the immediate

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hemiplegic attack is often more extensive than is warranted by the

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be of no harm, but of positive advantage, by lessening the in-

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lence ; and this the more since Roux and Yersin have asserted that on one

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may be diagnosed with certainty. As long as the disease, either undmr

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sible to base a classification upon the nature of the irritant : the

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1. The coarsely granular oxyphile cells are strongly attracted to the

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carried out on white rats. We fed two white rats, male and

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in the diminutive size of the new nose — the bridge of which falls down,

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and would be gone to-morrow ; but the mistake is realised when day

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Chronic hydrocephalus is a very serious sequela. This has been

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of the other: — 1. Pestis minor, abortive or larval plague. 2. Pestis

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that he should retain his energy and his firm will to regain his health.

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various ways — intra-venous, intra-peritoneal — and into the duodenum

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that the action of kairin and antipyfin in continued fever as well as in

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Health must depend largely upon two conditions : —

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bound to that place, might be found subjects enough for vaccination, to

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before the relap)se, which often therefore came upon them with all the

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gneres-de-Bigorre in Erance ; Eilsen, Nenndorf, Weilbach, Meinberg in

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foreign bodies by intracellular action, that is, by phagocytosis, has been

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matic treatment. The deviations connected with the so-called " change

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such as the web of the hind feet, the tongue, and the mesentery. Other

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