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the most skilled and experienced physician cannot help but derive good
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at his first introduction to "trade customs" of which
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taken care to preserv e one part of the body, what-
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ing 20 cases, 6 entered the hospital harboring bacilli in their throats, and the
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tibility of the rabbit to the two varieties of the tubercle-bacillus under dis-
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is accentuated. The radial pulse is small, soft, regular.
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but if diluted with equal volumes of hydrocele fluid
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writer. After a long series of experiments with different substances as
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pain of the right side. The urine was normal, except that it contained
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Pyosalpinx. This was found in five cases as a complicating condition,
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nities of observing the effect of the acute exanthem
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at all, having had them removed, and the gums were firm
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pharmacist would in all probability subject him to.
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sequences of the disease she absolutely assured me that she
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irell- reoognlaed fact that Inphriely Is a disease, and curabl', and all these cases require rest, change ojthoughi a-nA
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points of view from which it seems to me that we can best approach the
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the nurse's arms. The author believes that a syphilitic taint in the
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and Brosin the patient remained in the horizontal position throughout the
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24th, Dr. Rudolph Mielke, of Brooklyn, aged sixty-three
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the only period of medicine and surgery that really
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Granted two months' and twenty-eight days' leave of
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could not be made out, because of the severe pelvic inflam-
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no clinical evidence that the pituitary body has therapeutic value ; but
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mitting apparatus of the human ear was given by the Marchese Corti.
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days' leave of absence without pay from June 10, 1910,
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passing out through the bladder. April Ist cystoscopy was repeated,
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abscess containing about two ounces of pus was found. Separation of
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student of medicine should keep closely to his standard text-book upon
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dominal wound was then closed and exploratory punctures were made
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we were at a loss to find a satisfactory treatment.
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distance as the course of the sinus was followed until
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pain and discomfort in the left side of the abdomen, for
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tuberculosis was organiycd m .Manila on July 29th. Sec-
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motion, from side to side, holding it firmly upon the
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lich's reaction. Jaksch is justly criticised for his description of this

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