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Board to remove any prior reports, unless those reports

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much less that the hospital was required “to answer

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terminating in dry gangrene, and known in Germany by the name oi"

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Mrs CL Steidinger — Aesculapian Society (Museum of

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8. Julianelle LA, Reimann HA: The production of purpura by derivatives

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HYPO'-TIIENAR (^tto, under, titi^ap, the palm of the hand). One

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roots, extra-axillary buds, &c. The term adventicius is opposed in

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perhaps, co extensive with our knowledge TmnotPnre-

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alum or oxide of tin. The principal lakesare carmine, Florentine-lake,

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tary of the county society, shall be prima facie evidence of

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or spontaneous, when the gas is developed within „f „i,vsicians

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cluding all varieties of medical and surgical cases. The facilities for the study of Pathol-

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Adverse Reactions: Hypotension (2.9%), peripheral edema (1.7%),

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the blood in a number of severe broncho-pneumonias of the

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potter's earth ; the earth of clay, called in chemistry alumina, from'its

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located on University Avenue between Fifty-eighth and Fifty-ninth streets. Rooms ac-

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diminish the frequency of the heart's contractions and of the respiration.

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37th May, 1913. — Applied (pianti-Pirquct test to patient's

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Meconine or Opianyl. A neutral principle found in opium, associated

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PATIENTS’ RIGHT OF ACCESS TO THEIR MEDICAL RECORDS. A notice, which explains to patients the

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4) “The use of consent and related forms for physicians,” and 5) “Narcotics” (what to do in case of a phy-

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calling out, and was treated effectively with small

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board shall investigate allegations of unprofessional

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major cities in Ohio and Wisconsin. Competitive salary with

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usually produced abnormal prolongation. There were, however, three

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marily with reduction of complications, deaths, and

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HEMLOCK. The vernacular name of the Conium maculatum,

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