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caufes a good Appetite, and a ftrong Digeftion, and

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the pylorus, accompanied by symptoms, which were not very striking,

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qtiafi Setonwort , being applied to the Ears , Neck,

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lides, and Leaves at the ends of them, {landing in a

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At the tops of the Branches and like wife, from the

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Gout ; giving eafe to all forts of Pains from a cold

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Garlick , fo efteemed from its fmell ; it feems to be,

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a U wet Clottisdipt in the liime, it takes away the

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or four Feet, or more, with narrower Leaves, fharp-

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People in Candy call it Agnopaftica, i. e. Paftinaca

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incised the wound and left drains in. I made an oval incision excising

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much f nailer than they , being all whitijh or hoary

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and made use of it, as surely he ought to have done. Such a

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goodnefs of the Herb is taken from the places of its

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very great, but a little dark on the out fide, being round

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Down at the top thereof, ( whereby it is eafily car-

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thereof : and this more elpecially if a little Juke

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WoundSjOi foul, running, and putrid Ulcers, it clean-

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Stalk at their bottoms, which Stalk rifes fometimes

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Stalks, fcarccly exceeding a foot in height -ustlefa

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fmooth on the upper fide, of a pale green color, to-

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of medicine and surgery as well as essayists from the different

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Ill The Defcriptions. The firft, or Greater Wa- III. The Defcription. This fmall Plant has for

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ten fmall, fmooth, plain Leaves, fet in order one by

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J hooting from it. It is a fmall Herb, and very ten-

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it fpreads it felf round, and if not gathered, will be

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but little soreness at that time. The teeth became loose within a

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caufe the Leaves are like to the Wings of Birds : in

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gainlt the Bloodv-flux, more efpecially if it is mixt

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for the cure of molt Infirmities of the Eyes, efpe-

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