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have Alzheimer’s disease?;” “is this illness curable

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of the chief problem areas the widow/er will face are

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Niehaus, Andrew James, s, a, w, Wheeling, W.Va. A.B. (U. of West Virginia) '31.

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in which the London death-rate rose in the worst week to 460,

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Kyan and consisting m steeping wood, cordage, &c., in a solution of

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made on patients in a condition of general anaesthesia.

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1. Menispermia ; paraimnispermia. Two crystalline substances

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diaphragm, and somewhat allied to sobbing. The name, perhaps.

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papillary prolongations. Closely connected with the latter is another, <

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tions as set by the presiding officer of the hearing

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deposition in the coats of arteries, and in tbe fibrous tumois, of gritty,

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401. Research in Pathology. — A course open to a limited number of qualified stu-

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that a maloccurrence is malpractice. Doctors differ,

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alum or oxide of tin. The principal lakesare carmine, Florentine-lake,

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Completion of this form is entirely optional. You do

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Th., F., 1:30; laboratory: Tu., W., 1:30-4:30, Hanke, Saunders, Kraus-Ragins.

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Pathology 301 and 302 will be given as a double course in the Summer of 1935.

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liability” cases describe a situation where the exer-

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