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liliiconeoLrencsis sets in, so that the tissues COMIC to melt awa,\ into snu'ar,

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in which the coats of the vessels are no longer to be made out distinctly.

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iiiid is in short notiiinv moie than an e\tremel\ complex machine, fo-


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see that the meat of no animal other than those which have been killed under Federal

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nuisele itself. Akolition of tke rellexes may tkerefore l>e produced eitker

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development of moist, pearly-white aggregation, which practically

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gut fermentation syndrome

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mologist had, with little exception, been taken care of.

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to a portal of dissemination for the terminal, generalized tuberculosis.

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county of London. The acts for England and Wales, for Ireland,

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found to have undergone changes which render them unsound, unclean, unhealthful, un-

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o Commission of experts appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture to con-

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and disposition of every animal inspected as aforesaid and shall provide and account for

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The resulting medium is not as hard and dry as when a higher tem-

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17. A dinner for Presidents and Secretaries of County

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for the rhythmic nature of the contraction. In other reflexes it e.\ists

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in running water or in the ice-box, and left to stand 2 hours or longer.

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hv leaning' aj-'ainst whatever oh.ji'ct nwiy 1 onvenieiit. or hy extendin;.'

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forms of tuberculosis that it sooner or later gives evidence of the

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that this undertaking is too gigantic for a private,

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to reduce it into fat or to polymerize it into ud,\co!,'en " To form any

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inoculation of a second calf from one primarily Infected with material from the

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disc will swell and this bulge vrill become less marked. If, on the other

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St. Louis Medical Society; aged 43; died November 15.

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Mrs. Henry Thweatt Mrs. May Boyle Mrs. Gertrude G. Harper Mary Frances Selle

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The natural infection of these three deer, however, offers valuable

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lected and analyzed for their nature and concentra-

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on anonymous studies, but on research conducted only

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peared as a very thin layer of dull, dry, granular material. The

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stronir sensorv stimulus in some distant part of the nervous system, as.

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enforces this rule and reports from time to time whether any mem-

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could have been avoided had the skilled man with spe-

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Reffulaiion SS^ — All carcasses and parts of carcasses found upon inspection to be sound,

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