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worthy successor in his son Edward Miner Gallaudet, Ph.D.,
indeed before the war; since that they have endeavored to
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sunken eyes, deadly pallor, cool extremities, not rarely terminating in
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as an author was well known for -his writings on this special
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water supply cock and add as much ice water, by opening the ice-
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accept ? Shall we take Garrod's theory, that it is the result of
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quently neglected. He should generate chloriu gas by the following
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creases the muscular working capacity, while warmth, when not com-
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tools. This is the great reason why many really great im-
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with friction before the compress is applied in these cases, for the pur-
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and high-colored, with an increased specific gravity up to the arrival of
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to 70°) is indicated, always bearing in mind that the rapid application
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experiments on trephined rabbits* demonstrate that the nerves supply-
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pose. Stimulants must be used to fulfil the same indications. They are
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stiidents, and medical officers of health to keep abreast of those
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a factor, and this we usually have in the gouty, hence the
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to rickets are more predisposed to scurvy. The symptoms are
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see at once what a great branch of medicine has arisen based
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simple.* Such a bath may be improvised out of a clothes line, a
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slight splenic enlargement. In a large proportion of the cases, how-
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fresh-water fish, the white perch, and black fresh-water bass
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and still is, firmly advocate"! by certain authors, and. cerebro-spinal men-
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tissue-builders in a small degree from the vegetable albumi-
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Fig. 52.— Fatigue Curve of the Left Hand after a Rain Douche (Shower Bath), 50° F.,
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covering, around the chest or abdomen, the cutaneous temperature
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This brings us through the list of American light wines
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fun and ridicule on the young city of Duluth, it was consid-
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sometimes be better estimated by comparing the apical note with that
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disease. The whole tendency to disinfect is spreading, but
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of fat in a quart of average whole milk. Casein is the source
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have been given in the first stage, with the antiphlogistic diet,
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less do harm in the end to those who eat them continuously,
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House, we arrived at Havre in due time, and entering the
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the ventral horns of the nucleus dorsalis (Clarkii) of the spinal cord in
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Liebermeister, the high-priest at the altar of antipyresis, as well as by
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