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potash, and projecting the mixture into a >ed-l;''\ """^•e- J' 'I," ;

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or diuretics supposed to be capable of expelling serum whicli has Iteen

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would take measures to prevent the export of any material

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medical practitioners by the death of Dr. Alexander Kilpatrick

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advised in administering nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents

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How does this opening in this particular portion of the meso-

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Maternity and Child Welfare. — The annual meeting of

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frontation of impaired physicians shall be maintained

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has an affinity both for the colouring matter and for the stuff to be

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Instruction in contagious diseases is, at present, given in the Municipal Contagious

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BARY'TIN. A new vegetable base, discovered in the rhizome of

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develop as transient and trifling symptoms. These cases arc

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t-aiimilnniim, or In<lian-hemp, or Dog's-bane. .

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shown a reduction in cardiac index nor consistent negative

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tion, commonly called that of cohesion, by which the particles of bodies

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or mothei-yaw, supposed to be tte source of all the other tumors of

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that the first signs of respirator}^ movement very often appear

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insurance. Contact: Miss Lois von Berg, Director, Student

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gram on cost-effective issues to be presented by the

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Solberg, Lawrence Arthur, sp, Elk River, Idaho. A.B. (U. of Idaho) '29.

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•ulTTt^br'"' "r'^ %''f^'i«\and a half of syrup of o'ai ge'eel

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Neurosurgical Society: Stephen M Cushman, MD, Racine, or

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local conditions. The central brain would be the Minister. He

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distension. For these reasons it is better to employ enemata

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belliferous plant, indigenous in the South of Europe, and cultivated in

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ing systems of interrelated variables. Prerequisite: Zoology 308, 310. Spring, M.-Th.,

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stump when the limb has been removed. Joi7d amputalion is that in

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the general dilfusion of the ailment was preceded by sporadic

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families through the admission procedure. We work with you

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expresses less than fervor, and fervor less than ardor. . ,

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