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olucent pelvic densities caused by large deposition
erations to be with him. He literally worshiped his
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becoming stuporous and unconscious she developed maniacial paroxysms,
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that by means of a long continued abstention from close work the stretch-
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formed during insertion of the catheter, or at the time
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Leader and other Cleveland newspapers. The injustice referred to is on
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Edward Lauder agreed that in some cases all that can be done for the
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location, the latter is of vastly more practical importance, but the prob-
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tious disease can be efficiently attacked only by certain knowledge
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Oral Sepsis from the Physician's Standpoint. By Judson Daland,
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lactate was used with advantage : he recommends the intravenous in-
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on which I am by no means certain), then the condition in
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resented by counsel from other states, who are engaged by others
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herein shall be construed to affect the definitions of
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in the old regime were probably all typhoid. It has also been
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