Robaxin Versus Flexerill

and other hospitals. His interest in the diseases of children caused
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crease his knowledge of surgery. Accidents frequently
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gained considerable practical experience during that period.
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Her attention had been attracted to the study of medi-
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" How do you know that homoeopathic practice itself will bear
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year later, when the Doctor's prediction was fulfilled, I
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conscientious physician can carry a thermometer whose accuracy
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edy, I should really like to know what they are. It would in-
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torium without a Death." The work comprised twenty-
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Again : in the treatment of acute articular rheumatism the best
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out the whole gastro-intestinal mucous membrane, from mouth
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of her operative work is done in her private sanatorium
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1885.] Organic Stricture of the Descending Colon. 505
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Dr. Sayre 's fondness for outdoor life brought him into touch with
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New York Hospital for twenty-two years, during the greater part
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got worse. Indigo™ cured this case, and she has remained well
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when the almost universal treatment was antiphlogistic, as they
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February 12, 1895, Jennie E. Pomeroy, of Troy, New York. He died
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turgid, fleshy, partly reducible, but whose reduction may
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in the statement, diseases which exist from the mind are curable
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struggles after perfection. The germ-theory, then, having been
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esting but somewhat puzzling fact that the disease may appear as a sequel
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through an increased activity of the bone marrow, as a result of which we
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The Teachings of the Paris Cholera Epidemic. — The " Louisville Medi-
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five papers on useful and interesting subjects. Commendable
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he at once stepped lo the front rank and to distinguished
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— In ordinary fractures reduction is an important procedure,
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(Yonkers), and Hackensack Hospital; was personal friend and physi-
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seemed to have been thoroughly " threshed out." I had given
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It is intended both for beginners and also for those sur-
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surgery, when dealing with the effects of bullets, are always
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sity, Washington, D. C. It was as a teacher of surgery
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other condemnation, — we have a final word which we are per-
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converted during his illness, later entered the college, and
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all-around capability, equally skilled in the medical and surgical
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pointed was sticking in it ; swallowing causes crepitations in
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The question of the necessity of State regulation of the prac-

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