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forms the body of the tooth ; it consists of an organized animal basis

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substances. In its most fluid state it constitutes naphtha ; when of the

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Internist — general, pulmonary, or infectious diseases. BC/BE

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sclerosis as well as “improve muscular coordination, improve coronary circulation, improve kidney func-

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Weitbrecht called tlieiii adipo-i/landulosm. , . , ,

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NOVEMBER 14-17, 1984 (Mexico): XXXII Annual Conven-

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by circulating IgA early in the course of invasive disease. J Infec Dis

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precipitate coma in patients with severe liver disease. Observe

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ANTILO'BIUM (ai/Tj, against, Xdfios, the lobe of the ear). The

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to resume their medical activities within two weeks

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BALI'STA (/3aAXa), to cast). A sling. The astragalus was for-

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out. That the inquiry was opportune w-as indicated b}^ many

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MEDICAL JOURNAL is protected by copyright and may not

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each Annual Meeting shall be approved by the Board.

vitex ubiquinol coq10

her travels through the Land of Oz, was: “If I ever

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concentrated serum. In this connection Heinemann'' (1916)

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Glisson, or the ccllulo-vascular membrane which envelopes the hepatic

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situated below the stomach. The two lateral regions of this zone,

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He was an honorary staff member of St Luke’s Hospital. Sur-

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Students who are interested in becoming teachers in secondary schools should con-

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to creep or spread over the neighbouring integument, and is character-

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