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terms compounded with (lypa, a seizure, generally of gout,
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determine the criteria for selecting a medical office that best suits
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under the microscope, in the lymph or exudation resulting from in-
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2. Lichen Orcella. Dyer's Lichen, or Orchall ; the species which
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1 . Usurpation of the surgeon’s obligation to deter-
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as of September 17. Of those, 35 were in a state institu-
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The following postmarketing events have been reported infre-
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effects which accrue to most patients by shortening
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first treatment yield readily to a further course of treatment, and
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11 per cent, died. Only five, i.e., 55 per cent, of these nine cases
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MYROSPE'RMUM (mu/501', a liquid perfume, a-irtpua, seed). A
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very rapid ventricular response after receiving ISOPTIN (or digitalis).
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and the mothers of such infants are treated indoor at Baird
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2. The simple are those which have their fibres arranged in a similar
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composed of representatives of the various types of medical
To be Captains — Captain (acting Major) J. Henderson, M.D.
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the scheme adopted at the conference of Scottish public health
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histological material which has been recently developed in the Department.
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sition to render permanent emotions and ideas in the mind, and of the
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B. Drugs that FDA does not at this time consider to be therapeutically equivalent to other pharma-
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OCTOBER 19-21, 1984: Wisconsin Neurological Society,
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symmetrically clothed with leaves. In these we find a trace of some-
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arthralgia for 22 days was found to have meningococ-
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[CCE'NOSARC] KOINOSARK [koivoi, common, (r-ipf, flesh).
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and the auditors, after the manner of the IRS, pre-

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