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such as are full grown. I have observed the same of the fluid

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tioned, passes behind the ascending aorta, see Plate III, and

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The epidemiological evidence suggests that an environ-

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tured his skull by the fall. He was taken up insensible, and

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doubt that it was produced by the alcoholism. It may be

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benefits to a larger portion of our subscribers and a new

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woman during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Similarly, the

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the discovery of the liquidity of the fibrin in the circulating blood.

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a specified endeavor. With our experience in the heart rescue

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the appearance of the growth led both Dr. Semon and myself

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chemical either indefinitely or until the substance has been

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experience of Swellengrebel and Grraaf in the Dutch Indies, who failed to

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made it, I am willing to do you justice. The thought first

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conditions of the Trichinopoly Jail, and shown that they could scarcely

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ting within all artificial generators of electricity,

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very large trunks of lymphatic vessels : these large vessels unite

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Mr. Wainewriglit's Case of Fracture of Head of Radius. 73

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pulmonary infiltrates, which on autopsy confirmed the pres-

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lieved that it is not the only part destined to this function,

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Dietary fiber prevents the increased pressure by absorbing

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partly of water impregnated with salts. He concluded, from

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and then for three days a faint trace of albumen was again

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of Paris,* death took place in no less than twenty cases, or 21

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probably made many of his experiments in Italy. Dr. Davy could

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