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lirium. The high leucocyte count would come on with pneumonia.

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for the first few weeks consciousness was clouded, and I know of

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the weaker preparations is their injection into the tissues. In this

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doubtful value in the accurate combat with disease.

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Sleep is fitful, about five hours. Appetite good. Abdomen

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catgut. Before I finished normal bile was coming from the tube.

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Bordet in 1900. He found that when blood cells of one species

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rid the patient in most cases of the bacilluria. Some cases do re-

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has appeared before, the age of ten and after sixty. The malady

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of excitement, inattentive to her surroundings, moaning con-

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Practical Cystoscopy. Pilchur. $5.50. W. B. Saunders Company.

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the new born child seems especially tolerant of the roughest

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which time the details of organization and plans for the coming convention

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ernment is, but I'm agin it." It is simply "agin" things medical.

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On Friday evening, June 30, the week's sessions culminated in a ban-

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stood, and I should rely upon that assurance, that I would have an opportunity, and a full

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administration method. It possesses the advantage of eliminating ob-

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appointed under the provisions of the Ontario Medical Act ;

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Medical Dictionaries are well known throughout the entire Anglo-Saxon

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jars produced by walking, running and jumping do not affect the

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narrow in any way your mental horizon but let it be all compre-

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many and an earnestly sought objective of all, any book enabling one to

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the way I may state that that committee did meet at night, although I am not at all respon-

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portrait of Ex-President William F. Warren at Jacob Sleeper Hall, College

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cation of this type of degeneration is also seen in sections treated

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under which the patient suffers, the remedies being usually ad-

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