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monary, than through the remote capillary extremity of the circu-

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The Medical Times and Gazette, Sept. 9, contains an account, by

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speedily drive the practitioner from his " field of labor."

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continued for nine months of the year, and candidates for graduation

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ant; for instance, equal quantities (say two grains each per dose)

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To this description M. Eacle adds the following note, furnished

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mass of the profession think and act too little for themselves. They

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promtly abstracted, with immediate relief to her head : in about

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once detected and nauseated, when presented to us in a con-

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those implicating the elbow-joint, and found it answer welL

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of inspiration and traction of the woman, brought it to the surface, in the

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The majority of our readers have an interest in the Medical Depart*

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4. "A Pessimistic and an Optimistic View of Medicine." Y. L. Aber-

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But again, this influence is not confined to the mere increase

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action. This principle is fundamental and should never be lost

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the sound thigh, by a gradual sweep over the abdomen, and then

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exceedingly well-written and able resume' of the anatomy and physi-

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system, but what constitutes the great difference between these

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nor urgent symptoms of any kind, requiring haste, it was pro-

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Jenner's Test for Genuineness of Vaccination. — The celebra-

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with an audible snap, as the limb was being brought down in a

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out by the patient (Case 37). It is, however, usually

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fied in a most minute network of vessels through all parts

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zigomatic pain accompanying catarrhal coryza is met with under

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ued from the last opening. Professor Mutter saw him in Phil-

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connexion between physiology and practice. You may indeed

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The Association met pursuant to adjournment. The minutes of

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human race, and should constitute letters patent to the title of Public

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which is remarkably uniform throughout the country. In nine cases out of

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to suffer most severe agony; sometimes from flatulence rolling

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8th. That all these fevers are produced from local causes, more or less

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