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thinner — seropurulent and finally serous, and eventually disappears.

bisoprolol pris le soir

Ice to the throat is with some a favorite plan of local treatment. It is

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"^sickish" odor to the breath in pyaemia, absent in septicaemia. Pyaemia

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Symptoms. — The syinjjtoms vary with the organ chiefly affected and the

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Single nerves are sometimes paralyzed. Death may result from the pul-

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The lymphatics are implicated, and their course can be traced by red lines

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it will usually be due to ulceration of the mucous membrane of the Eus-

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will be the displacement of viscera seen in sub-acute pleurisy when the pleu-

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middle of Poupart's ligament. The muscles are successively divided

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demand laparotomy. In no case should treatment be begun until an

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smallest dose that will give rest. In the majority of instances I have

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into fibrous tissue, all traces of the normal lung-tissue being obliterated..

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the lymphatics, or blood-vessels, and reaching the interlobular spaces

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seven to fourteen days. The bowels should be kept confined for a week

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the peritoneal cavity, sufficient in some cases to cause dyspnoea. The

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tibia. The muscle is pulled up and the artery exposed. If possible, the

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place in the loose cellular tissue beneath the mucous membrane of the up-

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is bad, for pulmonary congestion and oedema, infarctions and diffused pul-

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degeneration, or purulent infiltration. Abscess and gangrene may both

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dilated ; and immediately after death both ventricles may contain clots.

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quent than in metastatic parotitis. Occasionally, the gland remains per-

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bilities are the wound will not be thoroughly cleansed. Apposition can

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