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placed in 75 per cent spirit. Subsequently the tissues were
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water. It is, therefore, an acidulated sulphuretted hydrogen.
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Family Practitioner needed to join established Family
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Elcdro-lijais (Xuw, to decompose). Tlie decomposition of coin-
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responsible and exacting official duties he has been able to make
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2. Second degree : — half-sleep or imperfect crisis. Most of the
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nurses employed by the War Office. They are to get £10 for
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retardation, a slower paced learning style, and tradi-
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Evening Banquet with featured speaker ROSALYNN CARTER,
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sanction of speech. News of her husband being in hospital in
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Gardiner and Mr, F. C. Gardiner, will make a valuable contribu-
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the research investigator. The plan of the book is such as to
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or Sophomore class who presents the best dissertation involving investigation on the
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being a generator of nitre). Jzole. An elementary principle, con-
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That's why the State Medical Society has endorsed a
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Samuel Robert Slaymaker, A.B., M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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