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ing houses the administration offices of the College and the large medical library and
of the Edinburgh Centre of the College of Nursing, held on
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with your hospital with its head held high. The fact
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year associated with the least morbidity. Recently,
benzocaine 4
woody fibre and other constituents of madder. It is a brownish or
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duties of the Parliamentary representative of the Board of
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For the t'ollowino- translation I am indebted to Miss
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The present volume differs from many of the others in that
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death syndromeā€¯ is suspected, unless the parents specifically object.
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including a liberal vacation and education leave. Please send
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arranged for those desiring a more extended knowledge of the subject, and for those
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at home. I think I was jer.lous of my mother, and I had rows
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hospital staff. Modern 350-bed, full-service hospital
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the appearance presented by the margin of the articular cartilages,
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Leon A. Tancil, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Laryngology and Otology.
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CONSTfPA'TION (consi/'po, to crowd together). Torpor intesii-
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civil registration, the registered deaths exceeded the births, the
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five thousand influenzal cases passed through our hands, and,
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small bowel could be passed backwards across the small sac and
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HURTHLE CELL TUMORS of the thyroid gland: A clinico-
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mortality. It raised the London death-rate in the usual way, but
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in brewing, still containing a large quantity of trlnten
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Jit-lhl A uiAo \. malformation, in which the urethra is
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or dry catarrh, l)y scanty expectoration ; spasmo'lic asthma, by pre-

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