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wheel-bearers, as the wheel-insect ; and the Homogenea, or homoge-

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cither side of tlie cord, and forming a serration between each of the

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produced by the deadly weapon in the hands of Siva, the destroying

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pletely equipped, modern office with a modern x-ray machine.

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1914, on the suggestion of the Faculty of Medicine they were

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39Ui May. — The reaction is fairly well marked at the three

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the Department, but so conducted as to indicate the ability of the candidate to conduct

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the head is joined to the body. It is distinguished from ccn-i.r, wiiifli

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exudates, etc., and their pathologic and clinical significance, special attention being

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structure became attached. The cord lay to the pyloric side of

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colon. When the stomach and colon were dragged upon in an

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of the head or face ; the migraine of the French, for lietiiicraine.

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lO'DICA. A class of pharmaceutical remedies, consisting of iodine

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portunity to verify its accuracy by returning a Directory form sent to all members in June. Board certification in a specialty, subspecialty, or

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of potasli, sulpliidc of antimony, aud starch ; kindled by friction with

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by polyvalent pneumococcal serum, but it forms agglutinins in

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Meteorites. Meteoric stones; aerolites; solid compounds of earthy and

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disposed to learn) A school of physicians who explain the functions

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eye, usually of a waxy consistence, situated immediately behind tne

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Howard Martin Sheaff, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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rising number of annual isolations seen nationally 1

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designed by the Board to complete a reasonable system of

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GLU'TICN {(ido to congeal). A viscid substance obtained from

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guardians and to conduct investigations when “medical neglect” is present. The amendment establishes

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hyaloid iiieiiihranc, ihose composing the cellular tissue of plants, &c.

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Chairman of the Joint War Committee ; Lord Reading, Admiral

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problems can be resolved when they occur. The small

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of, and to create and maintain, charitable, educational,

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period of life, one-third below 30 years, and one-sixth above 60.

avena sativa gluten free

diagnostic purposes for which ordinary palpation is used, but

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