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in rats being a progress report of a committee of the

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of the necks allowed of the bodies being brought paral

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No affection of joints. Myo and pericarditis no pus hut sanguinolent fluid.

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which numerous and invaluable practical results may be deduced. If no

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motivated and most caring of any health organization in

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diers wounds which had been neglected while on the way

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Decreases coronary artery perfusion pressure in animals about

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The complication of pregnancy by fibroids has been dealt with by

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down into a mass of fine detritus which is finally absorbed. In

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Lay on the table motion to an action to declare a measure

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duties think.a pensation should he given for the perform

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very much dilated beneath it. The splenic vessels formed a

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elastic ligature was finally applied the kidney was cut away far in

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not receive and discharge its normal quantity of blood with normal regu

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ventive in a large majority of cases with only an exception now and

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knowledge salvarsan should not be used by itself or in the place of

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G. Sims Woodhead are identified with Gibson s Practice of Medi

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child protection agency and to a court and she he is

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ease as the microcj tes and the megalocji es which stain readily.

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was joined to it that however the fully developed croup

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was known that the growth was of a malignant nature.

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a hearty meal with immediate relief recovery taking place without hemi

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powder oz. av. mucilage of gum acacia fluidounces distilled water fluidounce

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exclusive stall feeding and early forcing. The commoner the

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The next greatest mortality is in the months of January and

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The third should be appUed just above the insertion of

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side according as the right or left kidney is involved. As a consequence

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quent death. The best preventive of disease is good health.

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quinsy. What are we able to do towards stopping its progress

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with iodoform was inserted into the cutaneous wound which

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gastrium is the seat of inflammation when the extension of

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tion was found as in case No. an unusual narrowing of the

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biggest institution in the French Army. There w as something very

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and insects the attention must not be confined to the housings. The yard

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Vaccine Distribution Approved Reports of Various Committees Received

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parenterally. The following daily doses are considered mini

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fide and energetic manner for half an hour or tliree quarters u on

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and do allow it. The Grocers who complain of it are but merchants.

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