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latter consistinff of distiiK t petals, ami their stamens perigynous.
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ALPHA-RESIN. 1. The name of one of the two resins of colo-
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particular steps have been taken to protect the younger mem-
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ginal medication Additionally, the following have been reported muscle cramps, nervousness
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denoting inflammation). Inilanimation of the bronclii, or raniificatious
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Eleanor Blish, S.B., Research Assistant, Corn Industries Fund.
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doubt that they do in some way exert a strong inhibitory action
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the case of arsenic and of antimony in chlorine. This phenomenon is
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Griffith Boscawen, M.P, ; Lieut.-Colonel Nathan Raw, M.P. ;
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in them an ultimate satisfactory result. For example, there arc
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AU'RA (ato, to breathe). A breath ; a gentle gale: a breeze.
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of aloes, by Meissner, analogous in many of its chemical characters to
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Makins, G.C.M.G., C.B. Oxford War Primers. London: Henrj' Frowde
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3 7iiodii, 8 cimgii, 48 sextarii, and 9ti hemiiice ov cnlylcB. But tlie Attic
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The operation was completed by suturing the omental tags
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FUSEL-OIL. An oily liquor obtained from alcohol; also termcu
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colon was sutured to the stomach, which was small and low down
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slight contraction of the fields in the right lower segment.
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respectively, and they appear to have been employed, in
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Sec. 2. The Board shall meet during the Annual Meeting
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stated. A Register formed on such a basis will give no
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Systems. — An address on " Hospitals and their Relationship to
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Choirs; (c) service in the Commons, the compensation being furnished in board, applica-
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nia, in which tlie intestine protrudes between the layers of the mesocolon.
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When the Ministry of Health Uill was made public in Novem-
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immediately below the greater curvature of the stomach, small
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reference to the effect of changing pressures. Such oversights
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irsent Vf nf ^A^TE. A thick paste, composed of 15 grains of white
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dealing with the history of typhoid fever, and how it came to be
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he says. -homines interdumlupos fieri, c< co«/ra. ^

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