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the skin is diminished, the integument becoming glossy and wrinkled.
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it must be pursued until the skin is absolutely clear, and continued,
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By the kindness of Dr. Savill and Mr. Lunn, I had the opportunity
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removed. Occasionally some results are obtained by the use of the
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his original description (1860) it is essentially a lichen ; that is, it consists
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definitely asserted that no discoverable lesion can be traced, although in
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full power of the thraldom in which he lives. Deep as was his depression,
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rence of appropriate conditions, can start into activity ; and that, pending
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whole blood from the second tube. This gives a 2 percent suspen-
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nature against his higher, or how far it might have been prevented, post-
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subcutaneous, and are generally found in the scalp, parotid region, neck,
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generally be sufficient, however, to scrape the nail thin, and then, after
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as epithelioma (see pathology of Adenoma sudoriparum, p. 738).
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cerebral disturbances, which are indicated by loss of control. The small
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Symptoms. — -As to seat, the lesions may occur in either sex singly
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patients whose state is otherwise very hopeless ; and it is a mistake to put
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to him, the papules range from the size of a millet seed to that of a pin's
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by remonstrance, publicity, and restraint, practise this vice during almost
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exciting causes which evoke paroxysms of spasm in those so afflicted.
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ment none is required in the early and slight forms of eruption ; but
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sists very frequently in an insanely exaggerated extension of religious
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Diseases, vol. xi. 1893, p. 475. — 11. Pringle, J. J. Brit. Journ. of Derm. vol. ii.
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cated way on temperature and on all the ions present.
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versions of Arabic versions of the original. Avicenna's
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exertion. Many are too deficient in intelligence to be capable of useful
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eruptions are repeatedly re-excited or kept constantly in a state of more
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Species 1 : Hsemamceba Danilewshii, Grassi and Feletti. Syn. : Laverania
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intestinal disturbances, either following prolonged exhausting diarrhoea,
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or to choose, and in others in an inability to carry out an act when decided
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striction of the field of operation seems to be quite characteristic of the
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Adenoma sebaceum, as described by Dr. Pringle, is usually a congenital ,
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the hint for his great doctrine, that private vices are public
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cerine, 2 grammes ; and spirit of lavender, 100 grammes, (ii.) fy: Recti-
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in hereditary cases we speak of cure we are understood to speak only
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occur, though it is not common; perhaps it is more usual in one eye
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whole body, and certain peculiar circular movements. A running gait,
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sensibility be for the attainment of such skill ! It is probably to the perf ec-
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either lotions or powders lessens the risk of eczema.
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ficate. The patient and his family may be anxious to retain the services
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attacks of mania or melancholia, and some suffering from folie circuluire
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eminence, was some fifty years of age at the beginning of the attack.

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