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10. Antimonious Add. An acid obtained by oxidating metallic anti-
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December. Millions suffered: epistaxis, otitis, nervous symptoms,
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from texture to texture, and are irremediable, as cancer. 2. Dangerous
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Hernia repair. The content of the sac should be re-
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yivofxat, to be produced). A term applied, in botany, to a class of
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laries, in some forms of vascular na»vus, and also in cyanosis
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whether by chance or design. However the name wjis given
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without actual sleep ; and agrypnotica, agents which cause wakefulness.
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person to permit him to make an intelligent decision
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with some regularity from country to country, and even from
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LUMBO-ABDOMINA'LIS. Transversalis. The internal flat
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2. The termination in -tiret denotes combinations of the simple non-
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17T r>' ''^ °^ ^ ^"'■'^^ foliated or lamellated tuft.
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changes of the sebura or sebaceous substance. — E. Wilson.
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1 ■•• ^"'"Senous element on each side of the "neural
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Serbian Army, receiving for his services the Order of St. Sava.
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sive care unit clearly does not meet the needs of the over
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were sufficient to overcome orthostatic symptoms. In
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In some instances the calculus may pass along the ureter
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Pye's Surgical Handicraft : A Manual of Surgical Manipulations, Minor Surgery,
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3. Lobelina. An alkaline principle, procured fi-om the Lobelia
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ot these seeds, commonly called jativplia-oit, was lately imported under
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equal measure of water. Density is ojiposed to rarity.
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training for their fulfilment. The Council was charged by law
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journalism, spoken with many soldiers, and done some war-work
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• Limiting the liability of the Patients Compensation
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ANE'MOSCOPE (afiiMos, the wind, aKoirtw, to investigate . An

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