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• There also was strong agreement on the issue of
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BLACK STICKING PLASTER. A solution of isinglass with
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having made its appearance within comparatively modern
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to practice medicine, no mediation or investigation is
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cyanosis is marked, with obvious labouring of the right heart,
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recognized in full in the other. Students are strongly advised not to undertake work in
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called a declinometer; for the inclination and vertical force, it becomes
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Standing Committee to which the Ministry of Health Bill has
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(Physiology 251, 252 may be counted in these 5 courses); (3) thesis.
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shall see, which it did not seem to cover : and hence even in
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she^ a terra applied to the leeume of medicago cochleata,
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New Year's Day at the Royal Infirmary. — Lord Provost
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brain : in one case they entered through the frontal bone and in
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employing institution and the beneficiar}-. Whenever the
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icine had maintained that any attestation statement was “inappropriate and unnecessary.” SMS believes
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to light by the administration of National Health Insurance, by
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after qualifying he entered into partnership with Dr. Ritson,
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injury identified above to my employer or his representative.
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hours after drug administration The plasma elimination half-life
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the ?rlpf i n' H " ' P'l"''' °* " "^'ti^e and factitious ;
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of mental illnesses. As contributory causes to this increase of
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1. If the substance of a complaint under the jurisdic-
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probably indicative of drug intolerance or overdosage,
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species of j£s('«/ks, said to derive its name from the practice among
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by which a certain quantity of matter is contained under a certain
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syphilis there was an increase in the globulin of the cerebro-

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